Magazine Articles by Lynette Bleed

As a freelance writer, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview some incredibly interesting people and write feature articles about them. Each of these people showed incredible passion for their work! It’s noteworthy how their occupations are vastly different, yet they seem uniquely fitted into careers where they excel at using their God-given talents and abilities! If you are currently exploring your own career direction, check out Career Direct® by clicking here.

Listed below are some of my favorites. Click on the title to read the article.

A Heart for Art  (Fred Doloresco, artist and cardiologist)

A Unique Specialty and A Rare Gift (Dr. Gary Gotsch, Prosthetics and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Specialist)

Reading the Future, Bridging the Past (Robert Roethemeyer, Director of Walther Library, Concordia Theological Seminary)

The Renegade Gardener (Author, Columnist, National authority on Gardening & Landscape Design)

Giving Beauty Back (Art Cislo, Retired Industrial Designer/Engineer and Artist)

Arching Through History (Angie Quinn, Executive Director, ARCH)

A Vision of Faith (Nancy Schenkel, Executive Director, Matthew 25)

Man vs. Mole (Jeff Holper, Champion Mole Hunter & Pest Control Business Owner)

New Haven to Hollywood, Take One (Jim Leonard, Hollywood Playwright, TV Writer & Producer)