Excerpt from The Color of Pure . . .

With a gentle plead in her eyes, Mom looked at Chloe. “Do you know Him? You can’t depend on Him, if you don’t have a personal relationship with Him.”

The moment you accept Christ as your Savior, is the first day of your eternal “happily ever after.” The rest of your days on earth will be a heavenly prelude to meeting your One and Only, face to face.

If you’ve ever been rejected, dumped, or judged in a relationship, you might be afraid to begin to fall in love with God. But He is like no other. He wants you and longs for a personal relationship with you, no matter what is in your past. The woman from John 4, known as the “woman at the well” was getting her water at noon, instead of in the early morning when others did, because she was ashamed of her past, and present. But then she met Jesus . . . .


Your Beloved (Christ) sees a future with you . . . .

If you’ve been hurt . . . God loves you, and you are precious in His sight.

A Gardener came upon a trampled garden and a stagnant, murky spring. The broken-down walls were easy to climb over, and the gate lay fallen on the ground. He wiped His eyes, thinking how the garden had been neglected and mistreated. He wanted the garden and spring for His own. It had cost Him something more valuable than silver or gold, but now they were His. First the Gardener rebuilt the walls. Then He made a new gate and hung it across the entrance. The Gardener cut the dead branches from the living trees. He pulled the tangled mess of choking weeds off the young plants and cleaned out the smelly, stagnant spring. The dry ground softened, and He planted roses and fragrant vines that had never grown there before.The garden came alive with new blossoms and fruit. Then the Gardener stood back and said, “This garden would be a beautiful place for a wedding.” He looked down and caught His reflection in the water and said, “And I would be there, smiling upon the bride and groom.”

John 15:1 says God the Father is a Gardener. Jesus took all of our bad experiences from people sinning against us, and the sins that we choose to do, upon Himself when He died on the cross. But Jesus did not stay dead. He is alive and He wants to heal your broken heart, wash you as white as snow, and place a crown upon your head. He hears you when you pray, even if it is just a whisper.

From What is God’s Design For My Body, by Susan Horner. Other 2 books in the series are: Why Do Plants Grow? and Why Do Birds Build Nests?  

                  (Reprinted with permission)


Like any love relationship, you must spend time with God to fall more deeply in love with Him. How? By getting to know Him and listening to Him through reading His Love Letter to You (The Bible). The Bible is not like any other book. It is holy, infallible, true, living and active. When you accept Christ, the Holy Spirit will dwell in you. With your heart as the prayer room, The Holy Spirit will pray for you, in Jesus’ name, and remind you of Jesus’ words. As you “put on Christ,” you will be connected to the Father (God) and the Holy Spirit will enable and empower you to become more like Christ and follow God in obedience. (If you truly love God, you will obey Him.)

He always wants to listen and talk with you. How? Through prayer. He’s your Best Friend.

He’ll never leave you, in good times or bad.

As you grow in your love for Him, your worship will be a sweet fragrance to Him. It’s romantic! (Canon in D is played at many weddings, but it is also a beautiful worship song if you offer it as praise and adoration to your One and Only.)