The Color of Pure

The Color of Pure is a young adult Christian novel about falling in love (with your Creator) and learning to fight (the spiritual battles of sexual temptations). It explores some deep topics through the lens of a starry-eyed, quirky teen protagonist named Chloe. :)

Color-of-Pure-Final-HQ 2

Can a person remember colors from in utero? Let alone, colors that no one else sees? Beautiful teen Chloe does. Her supernatural gift is part of the charmed life she’s living in California, when cancer strikes her beloved mom. When Chloe puts on Mom’s purity ring, her once-loved colors invade her world, compelling her to learn their sexual meanings. As Chloe falls deeper in love with her Creator, she discovers how to use her gift to fight the spiritual battles that threaten her purity. In her quest for true romance, she discovers her life purpose and ultimately helps save a generation.

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