Hi from Lynette! Welcome to my website. If you have any questions about anything on here, please allow me the privilege of connecting with you via email. (ljbleed@gmail.com)

Beginning in August, 2016, I am going to begin academic work toward my Masters Degree in Professional Communication from Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. In addition, I am very excited to begin a graduate teaching assistantship in the Communications Department at IPFW. This opportunity will allow me to teach two sections of undergraduate Communications to incoming Freshmen, while also taking two graduate-level classes myself. (So, I’ll get to teach Freshmen and be a Freshman!) 🙂

I will continue to do Career Direct consultations on a limited basis going forward, because I absolutely love how the assessment helps students and parents discover good vocational paths! For a flyer explaining Career Direct click here.

Thanks again for visiting!